How does risk free betting work?

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From now on, when you find a new free bet offer, you can start imagining that money in your pocket.

This procedure is repetitive and if you get it well, then just use it the same way you did the first time. We use the free bet  offers to back a not very likely event and we lay that same event on Betfair. Whatever the outcome is you never loose money. You only win. The goal is to win at Betfair most of the time for not having to meet the withdraw conditions at the bookies.

What do I need to make profit from risk free betting?

— Bank account;
— Credit Card
— Moneybookers or another electronic wallet.
–£120 available. (This figure is the minimum. The more money you invest, more fluid the process is.)How can you create an account with a bookie? First step is to flip the left menu, follow the link to the bonuses available where we provide you with the details for each site.
First of all, you open an account with Betfair
Follow the links to have the right to the advertised bonus.
When there is a code for the bonus it should be included when you register with the bookie, otherwise you lose the right to the bonus.
To make a deposit is very simple with most of these bookies.
We advise you to use two ways of depositing:
— Moneybookers (electronic wallet).
— Credit Card

How to place a bet?
You’ll see that this depends on the bookie, but basically, it is all the same. Search for a sportsevent you want (The more liquid the market, the better. Eg premiership), you see what the odd is, place the amount you want to bet and make sure the bet was accepted. The best way to make sure that the bet was accepted is the difference you will find in the balance. If the balance hasn’t changed, the bet was not accepted!
How to lay a bet with Betfair? Instructions on how to bet on betfair appear a bit throughout the site. For example, to select the menu “Bonus available” you can find Betfair. Follow the link “Instructions to bet on Betfair.” How to calculate the amount to lay the bet? This part of the system involves complex calculations. For this we prepared a calculator that gives you exactly the values to bet, and the associated earnings, classified in levels of desirability. You must enter: the value we want to place to back the bet in the bookie, the odd for backing the bet, the odd to lay the bet at Betfair. (Examples of the calculator)
It is important to back high odds at the bookie and win the laying bet at Betfair. This way you will not have to care about the conditions imposed to withdraw the bonus, because you loose the desired amounts there and win the equivalent at Betfair.
There is also another point. When you loose with the bookie it is more likely that you will be given more bonus offers.


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