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Welcome to betwand.

We are more than happy to help you profit in this world of sports and betting. We will provide you regular information that will make you make money. Good tips and more. Just sign up our newsletter.

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Step 8 – Open an account with a different bookie to make more money

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If you won your bet at betfair, congratulations. The money is yours. Now you just have to do the same with a different bookie.

If you won the bet with the bookie you have to different situations: If met all the withdrawl conditions, congratulations, the money is yours. If you haven´t met those conditions yet, just go step 6 untill you do so.


Step 7- Back the bet at the bookie and lay the same bet at betfair

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When using the oddsmatcher you will be directed for the one market you have selected, both for betfair (MOST OF THE WORK WILL BE DONE FOR YOU BY THE ODDSMATCHER). Make sure you are betting in the exact same market. Given the odds, when you choose the amount you’ll be betting at the bookie, the oddsmatcher’s calculator will tell you  the exact amount to lay the bet at betfair.

I advise you to first place your bet at the bookie and confirm it was accepted. If it was accepted you’ll find the bet amount was deducted from your account, and carry on with your task.

Important Tip: Check the market first at betfair to find out if there is liquidity in the market for your lay bet to be automatically accepted.

Step 6- Use the oddsmatcher and its calculator

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The oddsmatcher is very simple and intuitive tool to use.

With this tool you will be able to find the odds you need for your risk free betting. Back in time, we had to search for this odds manually. Lucky you for having this technology available. KEEP ON.

Step 5- free your freebet offer

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If you don´t have you free bet available yet, please go to the bookie’s webpage to see what are the criteria you have to meet to have your free bet offer available for betting.

Step 4- Fund your betfair’s and your sportsbets’ accounts

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After you have all the deposit methods available, this is the easiest step of all. If you have any trouble, just contact the bookie. They will be more than glad to help you in this task.

Step 3- Get a bank account, credit card and/or an electronic wallet

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  • If you don’t have a bank account, please get one (we recommend HSBC).
  • The same for a credit card (we recommend VISA, not mastercard) and electronic wallet (we recommend moneybookers and neteller, but there are several others.)

When you have one of these (or all) you can jump to step 4. One step closer to the profits. It has been an easy way, hasn’t it?WE TOLD YOU SO.

Step 2- Find a bookie with a free bet from our list and register.

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Pick up a bookie from our  free bet offers list and register.Make sure you follow the link and fill in the bonus code if there is one. This is just another simple step. Less than 5 minutes, that’s for sure.

Step 1 – Open a Betfair account – it’s free and you get a bonus.

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This is the first step and it is vital that you take action right now. Register with Betfair . IT’S FREE OF CHARGE AND RISK FREE. BETFAIR AS MILLIONS OF USERS. Your registration means that you are really willing to win the money you need to start changing your life. This is a first step for an mind-opening experience.

Betfair is an exchange and it allows you to lay bets. This is the basic feature of this system. You need this option to make risk free betting. You may say that betfair is what allows risk free betting to exist.