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“I just want to thank you guys for showing me that having profits in sportsbetting it’s not about luck but inteligence. It’s kind of magic when you change your perspective, like I did. You sure have helped me a lot Since I started reading your blog I feel a lot safer. Now I am trying my way in trading and I am liking it a lot.Thank you again.” Balram Haryana, Anuppur, India

“In my opinion betwand.com is the most consistent and profitable betting blog I have ever read with over the past 5 years. I check my emails everyday for news because I know they will make me a profit! Thanks again!” B. Shaw, London, UK.

“I have been following the blog for only a couple and already made some substantial profits . The advice received has top quality especially for a rookie like me. Wish you keep up the good work!” De Jong Ultrecht, Netherlands

“I have never read better betting advice than betwand.com.” Luis Almeida, Lisbon, Portugal

What do I need to start profiting from risk free betting?

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This is what you need:

– Bank account;
– Credit Card
– Moneybookers or another electronic wallet.
–£90 available. (This figure is the minimum. The bigger your betting bank, more fluid the process is.)

Fraction and decimal odds – what is the difference?

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The traditional format is the fraction, e.g. ½. This is the format mos UK bookies keep by default. Other companies such as betfair use de decimal format, e.g. 1.7, 3.2

Our calculator will do this for you. However, if you want to calculate it yourself, the way to go from fractional odds into decimal is to divide and add one, e.g., 5/1+1=6.o or 3/2+1=1.5+1= 2.5. The firs fractional odds of 5/1 becomes decimal odds of 6, and the odds of 3/2 becomes 2.5.

What is the option to find out about the latest free bet offers?

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Betwand is updated with free bet offers in detail. Also aou risk free newsletter is updated with new offers. You receive a betwand risk free newsleterr when you sig up for it in our homepage and one will be setn to you in right away.

The bookies prize loyalty. Keep your accounts active and make a bet from time to time, they will email free bets and other offers to this kind of costumers.

Can anyone make money from risk free betting?

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Yes. You must be over 18, understand the tutorials and have a small amount of time to profit from the free bet offers.

What is the best sport for risk free betting ?

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Without any doubt: football. It is very popular soo, there is always a lot of events and also the markets have a lot a money. This makes risk free betting even easier.

What does laying a bet at betfair mean?

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When you lay a bet you become a bookie, this happens at betfair because it is a betting exchange.

To understand this, imagine you as a bookie offering the odds of 4 to someone for a given outcome. Someone bets £10 . If the bet loses you profit their £10, but if it wins you have to pay that person £40 (you give £10 back, plus £30 from your pocket). This is known as laying a bet.

Is risk free betting legal?

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Yes. You are only taking advantage of sign-up  offers made by bookies hoping that you will keep on placing bets with them. In the bookies perspective you are only placing regular bets with them.

What about after profiting from all the free bet offers ?

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I wouldn’t worry about that if I were you. When you finish all the free bet offers available in our list, you will have some of the bookies sending you addicional offers.

After that we will keep you in touch with other several risk free ways of making money. You can count on that.

Stake returned vs stake not returned

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Often,  free bet offers will not return the stake when you win. This way, when you place a free bet of £100 at odds of 4.0 on a possible outcome you would stand to win £100 x 4.0 – £100 = £300. In the bettors’ slang, a stake not returned free bet is often called SNR bet.  A SR bet is a stake returned free bet.

When you were give a stake not returned free bet I advise you to use high odds to optimize your profits. Increasing the odds, you will increase the percentages of wiinings. The percentage of winnings represented by the stake decreases. Less loss for you, then. Remember: if you get free bet stake not returned, please choose high odds. I can try our calculator to create some different scenarios trying diferent odds out.

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